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We have made a name for ourselves in our communities by providing fast, professional electrical services to homes throughout the Sacramento region. We handle every project with honesty and always have the integrity to not cut corners and complete each task the way it should be performed the first time.

More Testimonials

Leah D. | Escondido, CA

It has been a while since I’ve had the urge to write a real review, until today. About a week ago my electricity cut out, luckily I was on my way out of town, so I didn’t have to take care of it right away. As soon as I got back into town yesterday I searched for Residential Electricians. I sent 3 quotes out to 5 star businesses around 4:30PM using the yelp button on their pages. Within an hour I received responses. Unfortunately, 2 of them said they were booked, one had openings 2 weeks from now and the other not till mid September! Good gracious, who can go without lights and AC in Sacramento for that long.

Luckily the last response I got was from Sergio, the owner of Surge Electric. Based on my description I gave him he gave me a quote of $200 and was able to come as early as the next day. This was exciting news and my search stopped at that point. We were communicating using the message system on Yelp, which was very helpful. He said he would call me in the morning. He was very accommodating, because I was not available until after 10AM. He called me at 9:57AM the next morning to see if I was home. He said he would be at my home within 30-40 minutes. He arrived at 10:28AM and went straight to work.

One thing I appreciated about Sergio is he is really passionate about this work. He really took the time to show me what was going on and how to avoid future issues. My home/condo is an older house so he told me that my lines are all connected. If one goes out the ones connected do too, similar to Christmas lights. This is why half my outlets and lights were not working. I shared which lights/outlets were not working so he could work is way backwards. After some problem solving and trial and error, within a short amount of time he figured out which outlet caused the issue. He replaced it and then went back and double checked all the outlets to make sure they were then functional. Luckily he was thorough because he found a lose line in the main breaker box, which gave power to my portable AC unit (a necessity for Sacramento summers). He was able to tighten it to ensure all ways good.

Around 12 noon (only 1.5 hours later) he was all done and we were finalizing payment. As a small business owner he understands good customer service. He understands that clients like me are not able to wait 2 to 4 weeks for service. He said he does service calls like mine all day long and I believe him since his phone was going off during the entire visit. He quickly glanced at the messages to ensure they were not emergencies and even told me an employee had sent him an estimate and asked if he was able to review. He said I can’t review it right now, since he was working on my service. As a Small Business Owner he is intentional about staying small and providing QUALITY service to his clients. He recognized I had found him on Yelp and gave me a $20 discount!

Also being a female, I’m always aware of who I’m allowing into my home. My friends tell me I watch too much TV and I’m paranoid, but as Sergio worked in my home I felt comfortable and at ease. I could tell he was a good guy and truly took his time to make sure everything was up to par. We completed my payment using my credit card on his cell phone. Before he left we had another conversation about my whole house AC unit and why I wasn’t using it. I told him it wasn’t working for 4 years and I showed it to him and he agreed that it most likely needed to be replaced since it was the original AC unit from 1970’s! He suggested his uncle and I agreed to be in touch when I was ready. He took some pictures and said he’d share them with his uncle and get his feedback since he really knew his stuff. I shook his hand and told him I appreciated his work and I’d be in touch when I was ready for the AC unit.

So if you are looking for good, fair, honest, fast, and thorough work contact Sergio at Surge Electric! Support Sacramento Small Businesses!

Claire M. | El Dorado Hills, CA

I needed someone to promptly install a chandelier I’ve had for months so I could start decking the halls! Sergio responded quickly and was accessible via text for a quote and availability. He sent two of his licensed electricians over, Chris and Tim, and they installed my chandelier in an hour! This was a tricky situation because the location of the chandelier was in the staircase. They did their work with such ease. I was so impressed by their professionalism as they respected my home and even dusted the chandelier after the installation. Their prices are reasonable and I will definitely use them for my next project. Thank you again!

Donna T. | Sacramento, CA

In June 2017 my dryer stopped working in late afternoon.  I called Surge Electric and Sergio called me back within 5 minutes, and asked me to text him a picture of my breaker box and the outlet.  He was able to diagnose the problem from my pictures. Sergio arrived within 40 minutes the same day, with the needed parts, and installed a new dryer outlet for me in 15 minutes at a very reasonable cost!  I highly recommend Surge Electric to my friends, family and neighbors!
This morning Chris and Tim came out to install 2 garage lights and a new porch light, with photo cell, for auto dusk to dawn lighting. The guys were polite, on time, worked quickly and got the job done right.  Chris noticed one of my breakers was “sizzling” and alerted me to the problem before switching it out, at no extra cost!  So thank you, Sergio, for preventing me from burning my house down TWICE!  Call Surge Electric for any electrical needs, you will be glad you did!

Sarah M. | Sacramento, CA

I *adore* Sergio and his crew of electricians. I got to spend A LOT of time with Chris and Tim, with Sergio checking in a couple times. Sergio is great at texting, phoning, generally playing phone tag. He’ll come see your site, work up an estimate and get it to you. If he doesn’t get it to you in 24 hours, all you have to do is ask–because they are busy all the time. Not ignoring you!

Let’s see…the first job they did for us, they were in for two days and they grounded a bunch of outlets and got us functional. We bought a delightful home with original electrical from 1938 and onward. Knob and tube, and more. (One of Chris and Tim’s favorite things to do while working was to come over and show me the terrifying and antiquated wiring or weirdo home-brew splicing. It’s the electrician’s equivalent to “Is this milk bad? Smell it!”) They get bonus points for working in our nasty attic–before we got it cleaned out! The second job just finished. They were with us for a week. Yes, a week of full days because that’s what it takes to do the surgically precise job they did on replacing ALL the wiring in our home. All the knob and tube out, all the weird, home-brew wiring rectified, a bunch of lighting fixtures re-wired or replaced. Indoor work. Exterior work. Work in husband’s shop to make sure his tools don’t blow the whole system. Look: these guys have done $14,000.00 of work for us and it is worth every penny. Quality work like this by qualified tradesmen is going to cost and it’s not as glamorous or visibly fun as paint and tile. But none of that matters if you can’t run your electronics or live in terror of your house catching fire! They managed to replace all this wiring with minimal damage to our drywall, always checked in with me about what they were doing and how, were tidy, friendly, and just a DELIGHT to have in the house. By the end of the week, my kiddo was asking if he’d get to see Chris and Tim after school and was knocking on the floor and calling to Tim when he was under the house. Both guys were really kind to him, which is always nice. Great senses of humor, easy going, and tolerant. So many times they’d check in with me in the middle of a job, and I’d say to Chris “OH, wait, I meant to tell you/ask you about doing [SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT]” They’d make it work, every time. I’m so grateful that my real estate agent introduced me to Surge Electric and will sing their praises to all.

Oh, and give your contractors coffee. Let them use the bathrooms. Be humane.